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Core | Can I use my own credit card processor?
Core | Can I use my own credit card processor?
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In short - no. But let us explain why.

We've partnered with Stripe because they fit with our business philosophies. Many credit card processing companies DO NOT jive with our philosophies, so we're happy to have found a company that does.

Reasons that benefit you:

  • Simple. Have your account setup and configured in seconds, not hours/days/weeks. Most other underwriting processes require IDs to be faxed, background checks to be done, forms to be submitted, and more. As a result many of them take days if not weeks to get approval. Stripe uses technology to handle all of the above done in seconds.

  • Up Front and Honest.

  • Easy To Setup.

  • Competitive, crystal-clear pricing. Stripe charges you one rate for each transaction---that's it. There are no additional charges for failed transactions, American Express cards, international cards, stored cards, currency conversions, refunds or recurring payments. A flat 2.9% and $0.30 (international rates differ and this rate will differ depending on the Core plan you are on)

Reasons that help us make a better product for you:

  • An elegant, powerful API makes it quick and easy to integrate with Stripe. We have yet to come across a traditional merchant accounts API that comes close to the level of documentation and ease of use as Stripe. Other developers are saying the same thing here.

  • Complete freedom to create the payment experience we wanted.

  • Rapid help from real people. A+ customer service

Having worked in the online payments space for over 10 years, I have probably reviewed more than 1000 APIs and labored over 100s of payment platform integrations. Most API documentation provided by payment platforms does not provide standardized programming languages nor flexible services such as REST (representation transactional states), which allows transmission of data via basic HTTPS protocols, the standard of the internet.

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