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Core | Screens - TV Hardware (Amazon Fire TV or Stick)
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To run the Workouts and Classes app on a TV screen you need any TV that has a HDPI input and an Amazon Fire TV Stick. ($29)


TV's with he HDMI input on the side are best unless its mounted away from a wall, but thats pretty much all TV's these days.

How big? come on are you really asking? Bigger is always better! sorta joking but not really. The bigger the screen the further away you can see the info. That being said, we don't require a minimum size. 42" is usually good, 55" is baller and will be dope!

TV Specs. Just needs HDMI input, thats it. Get the cheapest biggest one you can afford. Refresh rate, 4k, name brand all don't really make a difference as you are not watching Oscar winning movings on this TV. Size wins out over all other specs, go big.

Although running these TV screens are completely optional, we recommend running the Workout of the Day on one screen and running the Classes on a second TV. You would need to buy a Fire Stick for each TV.

The 'Fire TV' ($89) will also work for this. Its basically the same thing but has more ram and CPU power. You will notice slightly smoother transitions/animations but thats about it.

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