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Where to download and step by step on how to pair with your account to get your classes and workouts feed on your TV

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  1. First, plug your Amazon Fire Stick into the back of your TV via an HDMI port.

  2. Go through the setup instructions for the Fire Stick. Make sure its in the correct timezone and connects to your WiFi.

  3. There are 2 ways to get the PushPress Screens app on your Fire Stick. Method 1: "Alexa - PushPress Screens App" or Search on the Fire Stick for 'PushPress', you should see the PushPress Screens app show up in search results, click to install and open it. Method 2: Log into the same connected Amazon account on a computer, you can add the Screens app to your Amazon account from the computer and it will auto-magically sync up with the Fire Stick and show up there too! More detail here.

  4. Once you have the app installed and open, you will see a 6 digit pairing code. We use this to connect the Screens App on your Fire Stick to the data from your PushPress account. On a computer, log into your Control Panel and navigate to the Apps main menu.

  5. Look for 'Screens App' tile and click 'Configure'.

  6. The pairing code on the TV may already be showing in your Pairing Codes list, if it is, use the 3 dots menu to 'Pair Code'. If its not showing, click the link "Don't see your Code here?". and put in the code to pair it.

  7. Wait up to 30 seconds for the TV to pick up the connection. Done!


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