Plan and Distribute your workouts.

The PushPress Track system is designed as a tool to easily organize your daily workouts and distribute them to your members.

Creating your workouts

Go to the Track section on your PushPress Control Panel to configure your future workouts. Configure each tracks publish settings to define how and when you want to distribute the workouts to your members.

Members can view the upcoming workouts on iPhone or Android Members app

Using the Member App, your members can log in, and view workouts.  New workouts will be pushed to the app based on time specs you set up in Track settings. This is for viewing workouts only, not recording results.

Who can see the workout?

When creating your plans, you choose if the plan is member or non-member. Only plans that are members will have access to daily Tracks.

Display the daily workouts on a TV in your gym

The daily workout will be pushed to our Screens App on a TV in your gym. All you need is a $40 amazon fire stick and a TV to get up and running with this. More on that here.


The Track system is just for planning and distributing your workouts. not for members to record results against. There are plenty of other apps dedicated to workout tracking that will do this.

About PushPress

PushPress is the best gym management software that will help gym owners take their business to the next level. We've helped thousands of users, including some gyms in your area, improve their day-to-day operations and become more professional since we first launched our app.

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