First, you can monitor who has overdue payments from 3 places:

  • Dashboard
  • Overdue payments tab on Payments report
  • Individual member detail page

For recording cash payments:

This can be recorded either through the plan modifier dropdown on member detail page or the 'Record Cash Payment' option from Overdue payments tab. (screenshot below)

If someone has updated their credit card for payment:

1. Verify that the billing method the plan is trying to collect on is the same as the new card added (on member detail page)

2. Then you can Create Next Invoice from the member by the plan modifier menu on the plan row. This will generate an invoice for the payment. 

3. Click on the open invoice and record a payment against the invoice.

Alternatively, you can also collect from the Overdue payments tab on Payments report page, just like you would with recording cash payments, but select the 'Record Credit Payment'. This will force the transaction to run right now. Or you can just wait for the nightly batch to run it.

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