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Core | ACH - Payment Failures
What happens when an ACH payment is returned as failed?
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What to Do When a Transaction Processed Via ACH Returns as Failed

When a transaction that is processed via ACH returns as failed, one of two things happen, depending on if the customer has a credit card on file.

NSF Fee (with Credit Card Backup)

If an ACH transaction fails and the member has a credit card on file, the member's credit card will be charged this fee, in addition to the original transaction amount.

NSF Fee (without Credit Card Backup)

If an ACH transaction fails because of NSF and the member does not have a credit card on file, this fee will be added to the original invoice, and the invoice will remain open. Payment on this invoice will need to be manually re-attempted.


The fees Stripe charges for NSF are automatically charged to your Stripe account. It will be up to your system settings on what amounts you want to pass on to the customer. Learn how to choose the fee amount you pass on here

Stripe charges $4 for NSF transactions and $15 for transaction disputes.

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