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When an invoice or transaction fails, system actions and alerts are triggered. This is what happens.

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Why does an invoice fail?
It can happen for a number of reasons, expired card, fraud alert, insufficient funds etc.

What does the system do?
If the first attempt was ACH, it will follow the process listed in this article. If it was a credit card, It will retry the card each night, according to your settings, until a successful payment goes through. Because Stripe doesn't charge for a failed attempt, there is nothing to lose. We've built the system so the member can update their billing themselves, and the system will automatically retry the invoice. No need for you to do anything. 

*NOTE* You can customize how many times a failed payment should be attempted in Settings > Settings > Retry Failed Invoices. After an invoice reaches its retry limit, you can either contact the member for a different credit card, settle it as cash, or forgive (write off) the invoice. 

Who gets notified? 

  • Member: will be emailed saying charge failed, with a reason if provided by their bank and also a link to enter in a updated credit card information 

  • System Admins: will receive an email notifying them of the failed charge AND member name and invoice will be shown on the Control Panel Dashboard under 'Attention' column.

  • Slack: If you have your slack synced. (Learn about that integration here)

Where can I view failed invoices?

  1. In the Attention column on the dashboard

  2. On the Payments report, under 'Overdue Invoices' (Reports > Payments > Overdue)

  3. From the member's profile. There will be a history of all transactions by that member. Look for the "FAILED" status next to the transaction

How can this be fixed? 

  1. Verify Credit Card data is correct. Its often easiest to remove the current card on file and add a new one. (can be the same one or different)

  2. If that still doesn't solve the problem, get the member to ask their bank why the charge was declined. Banks typically don't provide much more data than a generic decline to Stripe so not a lot we can do our end without this additional information unfortunately.

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