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How to set up a class/event with a split payment

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How to set up a class/event with a split payment.

You might want to set up a bootcamp or Olympic Lifting class or even an event with a split payment. Here is how to do it:

Lets take for example its a Bootcamp for $225 and you want to get a down payment of $50 when the person signs up online and then charge the remaining $175 on day one or after the 1st week (or whatever your rules are)

  1. Create a Bootcamp Non-recurring Plan for $50, and put in the description the terms. (will charge the remainder on x date). This is the public plan that you will link to for pre-sales.

  2. Create a 2nd plan for $175 which is the remainder of the payment. This would also be a non-recurring plan. You will use the Control Panel to manually assign this 2nd plan to the each person depending on the payment rules you define.

You can also use the above technique for setting up events as well.

How to add a recurring Subscription/Plan to a Member and bill separate amounts on separate dates.

  1. Add desired Plan to member, as you are adding, set the start date you want the 1st payment to come out. (has to be at least one day in the future).

  2. Then from their Member Detail page, for the plan you just added, use the context menu to 'Change Amount/Discount'

  3. Set new Subscription Price for this Plan. This will be the amount you want to charge on this date.

  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for the 2nd payment, obviously choose the other date you want to charge this on.


With the above technique they will have 2 identical plans on their account. When they check-in to class they can pick either one.

How to set up a course with 3 payments.

For this example it will be a $300 course, with 3 payments of $100 over 3 weeks

  1. Create a plan, set Type to 'Recurring'

  2. Set Recurring Amount to $100

  3. Set Recurring Interval to 1 Week(s)

  4. Toggle Recurs Forever to NO

  5. Set Number of Occurrences to 3

Note that if you manually enter a limited plan like this and prorate the first payment, that payment DOES NOT count toward the three months. You will need to manually cancel plan at the appropriate date.

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