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Core | Migration - Export from Zen Planner
Core | Migration - Export from Zen Planner
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To export users from Zen Planner you will want to run the 'People Report.'

  • At the top of the Zen Planner Dashboard, click Dashboard

  • In the left column under Saved Reports, choose Members

  • Under the main Members heading, choose New Report

  • Choose People

  • On the right under Report Settings, click Edit Report Settings

  • Under Column make sure each of the following is checked:

- First Name
- Last Name
- Gender
- Birth Date
- Address
- Email
- Phone
- Status
- Signup Date

  • Remove all inactive athletes

  • Click Refresh Report

  • At the top of the generated report, click CSV to the right of the text Export

  • If a Save As dialog box opens, change the name to PersonExport.csv and click Save


This list should only include current active members and coaches. You may need to remove people from this list based on their status shown in the 'Status' column.

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