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Core | HSN Nutrition Report
Core | HSN Nutrition Report

The HSN App was developed to give you insights into your nutrition program backed by data.

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The following steps will walk you through getting the HSN Nutrition report enabled.

On Apps Menu, Select App Store

Find Nutrition by HSN App, Click Configure

Click on Activate Nutrition by HSN

🛑Before moving on to the next step make sure that you have configured your Plan Categories to include a Nutrition Category. For information on Plan Categories Click Here

To ensure this app functions properly you will want all fitness plans in one category and all nutrition in another

Now to get your report configured

Choose Nutrition Plan Category from Drop Down Menu and hit SAVE.

Final Step

Sit back a let the report compile data for you.

Now for the good stuff! What does all this info mean?

The report is broken in 4 different sections.

1. The Membership Snapshot section will break out Total Memberships, Fitness Only Memberships, Nutrition Only Memberships, and Hybrid (Fitness and Nutrition) Memberships.

HSN TIP: Industry leading gyms should strive for a high percentage of total revenue to come from Hybrid Memberships

2. The Current Nutrition Metrics will show the number of nutrition clients, their total revenue, churn (lost members) in the current month, and their length of engagement.

3. Lifetime Value will provide a breakdown on the LTV of Fitness only, Nutrition Only, and Hybrid Memberships so that you can see how each category will effect the business in the long term.

4. Data at the bottom of the report will be your list of Nutrition Clients with Plan information and Nutrition plan classification.

For more information or to join the Healthy Steps Nutrition family visit

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