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Core | ACH - Update Bank Account
Core | ACH - Update Bank Account

If a member's bank information changes, or they wish to just switch to use a different bank.

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If a member decides they need to change the bank account that is connected to their profile, they can either notify a staff member to do it or they can do it themselves on their member app.

Staff Member Process

Do this by going to the member's profile and selecting 'change bank account'.

There will be 2 options:
This will send an email or text to the member, with instructions on how to authorize the new bank account

Manual: this will involve manually inputting the member's bank account and routing number, and waiting for the member to verify 2 small deposit amounts in the next 48 hours. They will receive an email 2 days after they input their information, to verify those micro-deposit amounts. 

Member App Process

Navigate to Menu

Then Choose Profile

Choose Payments next

Finally, scroll down to Bank information and follow prompts

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