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Core | ACH - Verify Bank Accounts
Core | ACH - Verify Bank Accounts

Easily allow your customers to verify their bank account as part of the sign up process

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There are 3 methods customers can verify their bank account. 

*Note - at this time there are a few banks that the Automatic Verification method listed below does not work with. A couple notable ones are Wells Fargo and Bank of America. If your clients have issues with the Auto Verification process they can choose Bank not listed from the list to manually enter their Bank account and routing number.

Automatic Verification

If the member's bank is recognized by Plaid, they will immediately be directed to log into their banking institution. This will allow them to log in to their bank, which connects their bank to PushPress and authorizes the transaction. If the plan is added through the control panel, the system will send the member a text, with directions to verify account.

Manual Verification

If the member' bank account is not recognized by Plaid, the member will need to manually enter their routing number and account number. This will allow the purchase to go through, but will remain as pending.

Within 48 hours, the member should receive 2 small deposits in their bank account. At that time, they will also receive an email with a link to verify the deposit amounts.  Alternatively, a staff member can verify the account from the control panel, as long as they have those 2 deposit amounts. 

Once a bank account is verified, the associated transaction will be charged and closed. 

Member's App

Your member's can now update their banking information directly on their app.

Once in the app, click on Menu

Once in the navigation, choose Profile

Click on Payments

click on Add Bank Account

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