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Core | Documents - Waivers for Kids

A couple of methods for child specific legal documents

Updated over a week ago

At the top of the document, there is a date input field. Most of the time that we pass that info in as we already know it. If not they will be required to update it. If they are under 18, the signature field will change to request the signature of the Parent/Guardian. If you want to have specific verbiage to minors, you can create a separate document and attach to only plans that apply to kids. Here is how you do that.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Apps -> Digital Documents.

  2. Click the pink plus icon button to create a new document.

  3. Enter a title for your Document.

  4. Enter the contents of your child specific waiver. 

  5. Select 'Plan' from the 'Attach To:' dropdown.

  6. Select which Plan you want the Contract attached to from the checkboxes below.

  7. Click 'Publish' button.

Each kid that gets this plan will also get this contract added for them to sign.

*Waiver will auto add parent/guardian name to be completed at the top if date of birth makes them a minor.

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