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Grow | Eliza AI Automatic Booking Bot
Grow | Eliza AI Automatic Booking Bot
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Eliza is the system’s AI booking bot. If your system is enabled with this feature, you can use the conversational tool within your workflows to automate booking appointments for your customers.

Eliza is built on top of Google’s Dialog flow technology, allowing for powerful, automated booking conversations for your customers. Follow these steps to set up Eliza for your Workflows, allowing you to automate your appointment booking process:

Step 1: Create a Workflow (or edit an existing one)

Step 2: Add the Eliza AI Booking Bot action

Step 3: Customize the action configuration

  • Choose the calendar you want the appointment to be booked for

  • Choose the amount of time you want the bot to “pay attention” for the Processing Duration

  • Choose the initial message you want to send and check the box for “Send First Message” (unless you’ve done this in another way)

  • Save the action to confirm your changes.

Step 4: Customize the rest of the Workflow.

  • If the bot is successful in booking the appointment, the contact will go down the left “Yes” path. If the bot is not successful, the contact will go down the right “No” path.

  • (You can further customize the paths as you wish.)

Step 5: If the bot did not book the appointment, the next path option will be “Yes” or “No” for did the bot time out?

  • If the bot timed out, you will want to add in a human rollover option (for the “Yes” option).

  • (You can continue to further customize the paths as you wish.)

  • Save the Workflow to confirm your changes.

Step 6: Test the Workflow and AI Bot

  • We recommend testing the Eliza AI Bot Workflow yourself, with a test contact record, so you can best understand how it works and see how your contacts will experience it.

  • Create a test contact record for yourself, and run through the Workflow.

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