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Add Messaging to Your Google My Business Listing and Set Up Communication Notifications

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Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful tool for reaching customers. It can be integrated with your system, to increase your ability to conveniently communicate with your leads or customers. When someone Googles a category of business, most businesses that pop up have the buttons to call, save, get directions, or access the website. You can make your business stand out more, and reach additional leads, by adding the chat/message option.

This will allow you to conveniently reach leads through SMS communications, completely integrated with the system. Follow these steps to learn how:

Part 1: Setting Up a Google My Business Account

Step 1: Set Up or Log In to your GMB Account

  • Search Google My Business in your browser.

  • Sign Up if you don’t have an account. Sign In if you already do.

  • After signing in, click Messaging.

  • Fill out the necessary information under the Messaging Tab.

  • Turn On Messaging.

  • To start receiving messages click Okay.

    • NOTE: You can also Edit your Welcome message if you want.

Step 2: Integrate your Google My Business page.

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  • Choose the "Google My Business" integration.

  • Click "Select a GMB page" to connect a page.

  • Once the page is integrated, you'll have the option to "Change Page" or access "Messenger Settings" to make changes. You can also remove a page.

    • Under the “Messenger Settings” you can choose a display name, add a logo, set the welcome message, Choose a contact name, email, and brand website. You may also insert a Privacy Policy URL if you wish.

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