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Grow - Requesting reviews from new and existing members
Grow - Requesting reviews from new and existing members
An step-by-step process towards generating Google reviews
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Step 1

Give active members a heads-up they are about to get an email request to review your gym in a week.

Send out the following email to all active members exactly 1 week before you plan to send the rating email.

  1. Log into your PushPress account: {subdomain}

  2. Go to People/Members

  3. Click Message All Members on this List from the right rail.

  4. Select Email for the message type.

  5. Use/modify the message text below and send.


Heads up, lookout for an email from us next week on {day of week} {time of day?}. We are sending out our link from Google to review us.

It should only take less than a minute for you to complete.

Our goal is to get a quick pulse on how our gym is doing, provide an opportunity for you to give us some feedback, and help us grow our community.

Thanks in advance.

- {gym owner name}

*set a reminder for yourself to send the template 1 week after you sent the first email.

Step 2

1-week later, generate the “Request to Review us” email and send

You can use the template below to send to your clients and modify it as you see fit.


We appreciate you as a member of {Gym Name} and we hope that you are happy to be part of our community. We’d love to get a review from you letting us know what you love most about your gym. You can use the link below to leave your review:

{Insert the link that you retrieve from your GMB account}

We’d love to continue growing our community and your review will help others know what an awesome gym family we are!

Thank you for your continued support,

{Gym Owner Name}

Step 3

Retrieve your request for review link from Google

  1. Login to your GMB account

  2. Scroll to “Get more reviews”

  3. Click “Share review form”

  4. Copy the link that appears (you can change it to something that is easier to remember)

  5. Paste it into the template you created in step 2 above.

Step 4

Remind members to check their email

The goal of this reminder is to increase email open and response rates. Without this, we would expect a lower engagement.

About an hour after sending the Review Request email...

  1. Log into {subdomain}

  2. Go to People/Members

  3. Click Message All Members on this List from the right rail.

  4. Select SMS for the message type.

  5. Use/modify the message text below and send.

Hey, it’s {gym owner name}.

Can you do me a favor and check your email?

I just sent something about rating the gym and asking for feedback.

thanks for your help ;)

Step 5

Keep track of those who have sent a review and those who have not. Here’s how:

  1. Log into {subdomain}

  2. Go to People/Members

  3. Click Download Active Members from the right rail.

  4. Select to remove all columns that are not necessary. You can remove everything except First Name, Last Name, and email.

  5. Add a column that reads Submitted Review.

  6. You can export this list to Google Sheets or Excel.

  7. You will highlight, check off/mark the ones that have submitted reviews.

Step 6

1 day later after submission. Follow-up with those that have not sent a review. Chances are, you’ll get them to respond:

You can use the following template to send to them:


I just wanted to make sure you received my last message requesting a review from you. I’m sending it here again so that it’s handy. We’d like to give you an opportunity to say something nice about us and help us grow our business!

{Insert google review link here}

Step 7

Reply to ALL reviews that come in

It’s a nice thing to do! Your members took the time to review your business, and you should take the time to respond to them and thank them. It represents good customer service.

Google also likes it! Owner responses signal to Google that the page is actively managed. Such activity is rewarded with better online exposure of that listing. This also helps potential clients build confidence in their decision of doing business with you.

Follow these steps for responding to reviews:

  1. Log into your Google My Business account (this assumes that you have a verified business account).

  2. Choose “Manage this page.”

  3. Choose “Reviews” from the options presented in the upper right.

  4. Click “View and reply” to respond.

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