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Adjust settings for your screens app on FireStick

Updated over a week ago

Let's dive into how/what settings you can adjust when controlling the PushPress Screens app on directly on your Amazon FireTV.

First let's start with how you can access the settings in the Screens app. Using your remote select the Settings Icon in the top left corner.

Now that you are in your setting page let's take a peak at what each item can do for you.

Reload App

Selecting this will refresh the settings of the app to ensure most up to date sync with server

Request New Code

When connecting to your PushPress Core account you can request a different pairing code

Auto Advance

Turn on/off the function for the classes section to auto advance to the next class on the screens. When turned off you will need manually change classes using the remote.


Disconnect your Screens app from your PushPress Core account.

Refresh Workouts

When workout changes have been made or workouts have not synced in yet this will force workouts to pull down from server.

Refresh Classes

When class changes have been made or class for the day have not synced in yet this will force classes to pull down from server.

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