If your members would like to import their results into Train they can do so via the following steps. They will just need either the export from SugarWOD or a .CSV file type formatted to the correct columns.

Option 1: Download results from SugarWOD

1. Login to app.sugarwod.com

Login to app.sugarwod.com

2. Click on Export Workouts

Click on Export Workouts

Option 2: Format a .CSV file to the appropriate columns

1. You'll need to download a .CSV file of your results from your previous tracking system.

2. Either copy/paste your results into the template below or simply format your file to match the same columns as this template:

Upload results into Train

Note: there's no undo for this step.

1. Go to Train by PushPress & Login

Go to Train by PushPress & Login

2. Click on Workout History

Click on Workout History

3. Click on Import from SugarWOD

Click on Import from SugarWOD

4. Choose the file you downloaded from SugarWOD or the .CSV that you created. Note: when you select the file, it will upload immediately.

5. You'll see a "workouts uploading". It may take a few minutes for the process to complete. You'll then have a searchable history of your past workouts.

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