Data into PushPress

Example of how to pull data into PushPress from another application.

Data out of PushPress

Example of how to push data out of PushPress into another application

Updated instructions on how to get your API Keys
The location where you get your Public API Key has changed in PushPress, it was under Integrations as shown in the video, but we moved it, here is how to generate and locate new keys.

  1. Start by clicking Apps main menu, then click the Configure button on the Zapier tile.

  2. Click the pink plus button in right rail.

  3. Enter a Pairing Code Name, this is just for your reference, can be anything you like, then click 'Create new pairing code'.

  4. You will see new code generated in the right rail, now use the 3 dots context menu and select 'View Info'.

  5. From this modal that pops up you can get the Pairing Code (AKA API Public Key) and the Secret Code (AKA API Private Key)

About PushPress

PushPress is a fitness club management software that helps you take your business to new heights. We've helped thousands of people across the world find success with their fitness journey, and we can help make sure yours succeeds too!

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