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Find out what automatic emails get sent to who

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The system will send certain transactional emails to staff with Admin and Coach role and also Members. Admins of course get more system emails than coaches. Here is a rough breakdown:


  • Plan, Event, Product purchase receipt. Basically every time a charge happens they will get a receipt unless you toggle off 'don't email' on a manual charge.

  • New Plan added.

  • Event Registration confirmation.

  • Confirmation they submitted the Lead Capture Form.

  • Card declined. With a link to update Credit Card on file.

  • Member Portal password setup instructions.


  • New Lead. This is optional and can be turned on/off in Lead Capture Form settings.

  • Customer Support conversations.

  • Lead Assignment. (only to person lead is assigned to)


All emails that Coaches get plus ...

  • Plan Cancelled for Member.

  • New Lead. (Can't be turned off for Admins)

  • Purchase Receipt copy.

  • Daily Summary.

  • Member updated their credit card.

Customer Service Email

This is the email you have on your general settings page

  • Product Inventory 'Low' when you get down to 5 items for the product

  • Product Inventory 'Out of Stock' when you hit 0 items for the product


When you send a mass email or custom email from the Control Panel to a Member(s), the reply-to will be the email of whoever is logged in.


Not a lot of settings are available to pick and choose which emails get sent to who. If Admins and Coaches feel like their inbox is getting crushed with too many emails the best way to manage is to create rules and filters on your email client to auto-file them away to an appropriate folder. This way you will still have the records if you need them but can make them bypass your inbox.

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