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Grow | What is PushPress Grow
Grow | What is PushPress Grow
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What is PushPress Grow?

In summary, Grow is a full-service, end-to-end website plus CRM solution that helps you GROW faster by attracting, engaging, and converting.

Grow your gym to be seen and heard!

Some of the key functionality of Grow:

  • Unified Messaging with Fully Managed Website

  • Lead and Member Management

  • Prebuilt Workflows

  • Appointment Automation

  • Reputation Management

  • Insights and Analytics

  • Easy Integration

  • Mobile App

The Grow CRM :

Your CRM is robust and powerful tool that will help you manage your incoming website leads.

Without a CRM, it is harder to manage the sales process and yield the conversions you desire.

While a website is great, lead follow-up takes time. Website leads are often neglected, forgotten, or lack the consistent follow-up needed to get them to take action. Your website and CRM should work hand-in-hand.

  • Manage existing member base and continually add new website leads.

  • Connect your marketing and sales into a streamlined process that combines warm-up with follow-up.

  • Build a centralized communications center with member experience strategy.

  • Increase your ROI while reducing manual efforts in your marketing and sales processes

The Grow Site:

Your website is your gym’s focal point and one of the first impressions you’ll make on your leads.

Without a website, it is harder to attract leads and get your gym noticed.

While a CRM is great, a slow-to-load website or unclear call-to-actions will diminish the likelihood your website visitors will even opt-in to your gym.

Websites are often confusing or time-consuming to visit, this means you’re losing leads to other gyms.

Combining a well-built, fast website with a powerful CRM will maximize your lead generation’s impact.

  • Combine clear call to actions with automation to maximize website conversions.

  • Connect your marketing and sales processes into a smooth workflow to optimize your time and money.

  • Is your current site optimized for your gym’s success? By upgrading to a GROW website, you’ll level-up your website with: SEO optimization, mobile optimization, and the fastest page load times around.

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