Steps to collecting payments via ACH

1. Activate ACH - Complete this first.

2. Have a member purchase the ACH-enabled plan either from a landing page or through the control panel. Directions here.

3. On purchase, the member will be asked to specify the bank name. (We use Plaid to enable the connection). 

  • If the member's bank is recognized by Plaid, they will be directed to a page where the member can log in to their bank, to authorize the bank connection. 

  • If the member's bank is NOT recognized by Plaid, they will need to input their routing and account number, then verify 2 small deposits in their bank account. 

Once a member has submitted their banking information, their membership will be active. 

So what happens to the payment?
When a payment is initiated through ACH, it typically take 4-5 business day for the transaction to clear. An invoice is created for the transaction. 

  1. The invoice will remain open until the bank has confirmed the transaction succeeds or fails. 

  2. The payment information in the member's profile will show as verified or unverified. Plans with unverified bank accounts will have an Alert status until the customer's bank is confirmed. Verify your ACH

  3. The plan they purchased will be immediately active. If the invoice is unable to be closed, or comes back as NSF, the plan will be put on Alert status

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