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Core | Member Alert - Managing The Extra Invoices Created
Core | Member Alert - Managing The Extra Invoices Created

With the shift from adding plan Subscriptions to Invoices, there might be some data clean up that needs to be done

Updated over a week ago

If you have members who have been on alert for a while, the shift to add Subscriptions to invoices will generate a separate invoice for each missed payment. This can result in potentially having a lot of open invoices.

This is a good thing. This gives you insight as to what payments are owed. 

To give some context, when a plan subscription is created, an invoice is generated and, typically, closed out immediately. When we made this change, the system will also generate an invoice for every payment that was missed.

How do I manage this? 

There are a few things to do. 

1. Go to your Invoices tab. You can find that in the left navigation bar. This will take you to a list where you can see all current open invoices. 

2. There are three dates you will potentially see. Date Opened, Previous attempt and Next attempt. If an invoice has a "date opened" date but no previous or next attempt dates, that means you need to manually process that payment. (Note-if you have the setting turned on to process all invoices on the 1st, this will happen even if there is no "next" date listed). Look for invoices that are the oldest. You will want to take care of those first. 

3. For each outstanding invoice, you have the option to 

  • View Invoice

  • Charge and Close Invoice (This will try to collect payment on the invoice)

  • Forgive invoice (This will write off the invoice and prevent any further collection attempts)

4. A best practice is to audit this list weekly. Process any invoices that don't have a "next" date which could include memberships that have attempted to charge for the allotted amount of attempts.  

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