Invoicing in PushPress is the new way all transactions will be handled. Most of the changes that go along with invoicing, happen under the hood. But in short, adding invoicing opens up a whole host of possibilities on how we can handle payments, discounts, payment methods, split payments, etc... 

So... What is invoicing?
Anytime you create a transaction in the system (plan or product), an invoice will be created. Prior to this change, when a transaction was made in the system, payment would be processed immediately and there were no controls on how we can handle different payment options. 

Now, when a transaction is processed, an invoice is created. We can "tell" that invoice to do whatever we want!

What can invoicing do?
We haven't built out all of the features that invoices allow us to. But here is a list of what we can do now.

  • Add items to an open invoice

  • Make partial payments against an open invoice

  • Schedule the invoice to be paid automatically, at any future date

  • Use multiple payment methods to pay a single invoice. 

  • Forgive (delete) an invoice

  • Create next invoice for a plan, and add products or items to the same invoice. 

What will we be able to do in the future? 

  • Create gift cards that can be applied to a member's profile

  • Allow members to pre-purchase credit to be used on any purchase on their profile

  • A ton of other things we can't announce just yet!

What's changed?
Not much. You can still process payments the same way. Depending on what the initial transaction was, an invoice will remain open or will be closed automatically. The concept to grasp is that every transaction now creates an invoice. And each invoice needs to be closed, either manually or automatically by the system.

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