What is it?

The member app, built for Android or iOs devices. You can download directly to your device by searching for 'PushPress Members' right from your iOs or Android app store. (iOS / Android)

What Does It Do?

The app gives your members access to  update their profile/billing information, along with anything you enable in the settings. The goal behind the app was to allow your members to handle most tasks themselves, to allow you and your staff to focus on delivering the best member experience. 

How Do I Give My Members Access? 

Glad you asked! The system will automatically create a log in for your member, as soon as they enter the system (with a plan or punchcard). They will be linked with instructions on where they can download and what they can do in the app. 

Can I Give Access to Sub Accounts?

Yes! Check out instructions on that here (Assigning Sub accounts member app access)

Trouble Shooting?

Yep. Start here. (Member App Login Trouble Shooting). If these don't work, just reach out to us in the chat.

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