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Core - Facebook Pixel

Getting your Facebook pixel on your Website and Landing Pages

Updated over a week ago

What it does

It will add your Facebook pixel in the following places
• Plan Landing Pages
• Event Landing Pages
• Product Landing Pages
• Lead Capture Form
• Every page on your website if you are a PushPress Sites client

How to configure the app

  1. In your PushPress Control Panel, go to Apps -> App Store -> Facebook

  2. Toggle 'Enable Facebook Marketing' to ON

  3. Put your Facebook Pixel in the box. (just the pixel ID, not an entire code block of javascript)

  4. Save.

This integration only works on PushPress landing pages or your PushPress website. PushPress cannot install the pixel on any other website service. You will need to add that manually.  

Lastly, this integration only installs the pixel. To monitor traffic, you will need to log into your Facebook Business dashboard, outside of PushPress.

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