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Core | Setting up staff pay rates
Core | Setting up staff pay rates

How to set your pay structure for Classes, Appointments and Assigned Clients for each staff member

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After you have activated the Payroll module you can set up your rates for each staff.

  1. Go to Apps -> Payroll

  2. Click the 'Payroll Setup' link in right column

  3. Select which staff member you want to assign pay rates to from dropdown

  4. Fill out relevant values and hit Save.

  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for each staff member.

Pay types

PushPress can accommodate multiple different pay structures. Each pay type is described in more detail below.

Assigned Client Pay

You will only see this module if you have the Coach Plus module turned on. Its typically used for a Mad Lab style gym but can also be used if you assign your members to your coaches.

'% Of Assigned Client Membership Revenue' will create a pay item for that staff member each time a member assigned to them gets billed.

'% Of Referred Client Membership Revenue' will create a pay item for the staff member that referred them each time the member gets billed.

Class Pay

You may pay your staff different rates depending on what they are teaching. For each Class Type, which is set from the Schedule, you can assign main coach pay per session, a different rate if they are assisting the coach and also a small rate for each member that checks into that class.

Coaching Pay Rate = Rate per class
โ€‹Coach Check-in Pay Rate = Pay rate per member checked into class
Asst. Coaching Pay Rate = Rate per class for assistant coach.

Appointment Pay

Each Staff member can have a different pay rate depending the appointment type. Typically this can be used for different types of Personal Training rates. Here you can define what the member is charged per session (Cost Per Session) and what percent the coach gets (Pay Rate Percentage).

Managing Payroll

Now that you are set up, click here to learn how to manage paying out your staff.

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