Rather than linking out to Landing Pages in a new tab, you can embed them right on the same page in an iFrame.

Simply add "?framed=1" to the end of any Landing Page URL. This will work for Plans, Pre-orders, Schedule and Events.

What it does

It will remove the following from the page:
• Grey outer background
• Gym logo
• Gym name
• Footer links


Use cases

• Embedding your Schedule on a non-WordPress website platform (Wix, Squarespace etc)
• Embedding an Event signup on your website


This will get cookied in the users browser, so for all the pages you want to frame in your site, explicitly set ?framed=1, but any Landing page links you want to pop into a new tab, you can force the standard elements of Logo and gym name with ?framed=0


Google 'how to use iFrames' if you are unsure how to technically implement this.

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