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Train | How to Use Challenges
Train | How to Use Challenges

This article will explain how to set up and use the Challenges features in Train by PushPress.

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What is a Challenge?

In Train by PushPress, a challenge serves as an interactive and motivating tool for gym members. It inspires them to surpass their fitness limits and reach new goals. For instance, you can establish a "Monthly Movement Challenge" featuring exercises like Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, or tracking Steps. Participants can log their daily results, and everyone can check the live leaderboard for ongoing updates. These challenges create a structured platform for specific workouts, cultivating a community spirit and encouraging friendly competition among participants.

Setting up a New Challenge:

Creating a challenge in Train by PushPress is a breeze.

  1. Log into Core and navigate to Train by clicking 'Apps-Train'

  2. Next go to get to the challenges page by clicking 'Coaching-Challenges-Manage Challenges'

  3. Select '+ Create Challenge' and Name Your Template (i.e. Step Challenge Template)

  4. Click Workout Builder to Create Your Challenge. Make the Title Clear and Simple. You can choose to elaborate more in the description.

  5. Select your divisions and the sort order and click save!

  6. Finally, click the 3 dots in the block you just created an select 'Duplicate Day _ Times' and select how many days you would like this to run. Note if you are running a monthly challenge in a month that is 31 days you will enter 30 as the number.

  7. Click 'Save' and 'Save All'

How to Launch A Challenge:

Once your challenge is finely tuned, launch it to the platform's user-friendly Member App. Announce the challenge to your members through the app or other communication channels, generating excitement and participation. In order to launch the challenge:

  1. Return to 'Manage Challenges' screen

  2. Select '3 Dots-Launch Challenge'

  3. Name the Challenge. Ensure it is different from the Template (i.e. January Step Challenge)

  4. Select Start Date and hit 'Confirm'

How to Track Results:

Track and monitor challenge progress seamlessly with Train from the app as well as from your core system.

From Core:

  1. Log in to core and navigate to 'apps-train'

  2. Next, click on 'coaching-challenges-challenge leaderboard'

  3. Select the challenge from the dropdown

  4. View the totals in the table below!

From Member App:

  1. Log in to member app

  2. Click 'schedule-workouts'

  3. Click the dropdown and toggle to the challenge name in the list

  4. Click on 'results'

More Help

If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use other HELP Articles, just like this one or reach out through PushPress Messenger, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

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