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Grow | Mandatory Tags Needed
Grow | Mandatory Tags Needed

Have you ever wondered what tags do you absolutely need to keep in our CRM system so that it syncs properly? Read on to learn more.

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Tags Needed For Sync From Core

If you see that some of your lead or members have these tags attached to their names, do not remove them as these are part of the sync from Core to Grow.

  1. admin

  2. at-risk

  3. coach

  4. cold lead

  5. warm lead

  6. drop in

  7. drop in attended

  8. drop in reserved

  9. ex-member

  10. first class attended

  11. first class reserved

  12. free trial

  13. intro-appt

  14. lead

  15. member

  16. no show

  17. non-member

  18. nutrition

  19. paused

  20. personal training

  21. punch card

  22. rates

  23. recent check-in

  24. trial class attended

  25. trial class reserved

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