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Grow | Sites - Edit Your Website (Self Edits)
Grow | Sites - Edit Your Website (Self Edits)

Editor access will give you the ability to make text changes and publish them.

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We are thrilled to allow you to make a number of edits to your website to ensure all information, copy, and general information is up-to-date, allowing you to reflect accurate information to your prospective leads.

There are many aspects of your website that we recommend you edit yourself for ease and speed. There are also a few areas of the website that we recommend you avoid editing yourself to ensure your website runs smoothly, is leveraging best practices for SEO (search engine optimization, or in other words, how searchable your gym is on sites like Google), and overall remains a well-functioning website. For those types of edits, we can always assist.

Please see the guidance below.

Edit Your Website

Submit Edits

Do change the text

Do not create your own pages

Do publish blog posts

Do not change your own images

Do manage coach bios

Do not remove any elements

Do change the CTA text

Do not change the link slugs

Do change the CTA button links

Do not change or remove the H1 text

Edit Your Website

Let's Get Started

  1. Login to your Grow Account - From the blue side menu choose "Edit Your Website"

    1. Your account is created at "Go Live". If you have not set up an account, please contact our Team via PushPress Messenger.

  2. Click Collections

4. Click Programs

5. Select only the programs that are published on your website

6. Only edit items below the section that says “Custom fields.” (DO NOT change out your own images).

7. Review your changes before you publish to ensure no errors were made

8. In the upper-right-hand corner click “Publish”

9. Go to the live site to ensure all of your changes look good!

If you are in need of an edit but would like the team to take care of It, submit an edit to the team.

More Help
If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use other HELP Articles, just like this one or reach out through PushPress Messenger, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

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