Grow | Connecting Your Facebook Business Page(s)
To use your Facebook Business account with Grow, you need to ensure that the business is setup properly on Facebook, then connect to Grow
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Before you begin:

  • Grow will need access to the Facebook Business Manager and Business Page where you are running the Facebook Lead Ad from

  • The user who is trying to integrate the Facebook Page into the CRM will need to be an admin of the Facebook Business page and have Lead Access Permission in order to get access to lead data (Requirement set by Facebook)

  • If you have moved your page to the New Pages Experience, You can allow trusted people to manage some of your Facebook business pages for you. You can give some people access to certain parts of your Facebook page without giving them full access.

  • Open business manager > Left navigation > Users > People. If you have added the person ,who is going to be integrating the FB page to the CRM, there already: they will appear at the center of the page.
    Click on the name and see more details like role. The role needs to have Admin or Employee access.

    If you have not added them yet, Please follow the steps to add people/users first.

Facebook Page Publishing Setup Guide

Following the steps below, you will be able to connect your Facebook pages with the Grow platform.

1. If you have already connected your Facebook pages from any profile previously and want to add some new pages, you will have to 'Remove' the application from your Facebook Settings > Business Integration section on your Facebook account and follow the steps below all over again as demonstrated in the image below.

2. To add all your Facebook pages, it is necessary that you have Admin rights. It is mandatory for you to log yourself in with the same profile that has all the pages in which you are an admin.

Due to Facebook's recent API changes, it will no longer promote posting to Facebook personal profiles, however, you can add pages from different profiles for Social Planner.

Step 1. Go to Social Planner > Setting

To get started, please go to Social Planner. In the top right corner of Social Planner, there is a Setting option (Gear icon). Please navigate to Settings by clicking it.

Step 2. Click on Connect a new page, Facebook Page

The next step is to click on Connect a new Facebook page of the table as shown below to manage multiple Facebook Pages.

Step 3. Give permissions to fetch Facebook page(s)

If you're connecting any profile for the first time, you will have to make sure you give all the permissions to it. Please click Continue to complete the authorization process for fetching the Facebook page(s).

Step 4. Select Facebook Page(s) to connect

It will list all the Facebook pages for this profile, select the list of the ones you wish to connect for Social Planner.

Step 5. Verify your connection

Last but not least, all of the selected pages in the previous step will be listed down showing a successful connection; as shown in the image below.

Following these instructions, you can add as many pages as you wish from the same or different Facebook profiles.

Facebook has two types of Pages - Classic and New Page experience. If you are using the Classic page, please follow the above flow. If you are using New Page Experience, they will be required to add access to the following role:

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