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I need an event page for my website
I need an event page for my website

Hosting an event? Here's what to do

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How to create your event in your Core account

An event is a one-time calendar item. This can include fundraisers, competitions, and special one-time workouts. You can make events free or you can sell them. Here's how to create an event. *Note: Only registrants will be able to check into the event*

  1. In your Core dashboard -> click Schedule -> click Events

  2. Select 'Create Event'

  3. Fill out the rest of the form with the appropriate parameters for that event.

"Title": Name of the class that will show up on the calendar

"Description" : Optional

"Event Type": CrossFit, Yoga, Beginners, On-ramp, etc

"Location": Specify where your event will take place.

"Coach": Who is scheduled to lead this event, if any

"Is This All Day?" : Use this option if the event will span more than one day. If toggled 'Yes', you will not need to input a start/stop time
"Event Start Time/Date": What time and day the event begins?

"Event End Time/Date": What time and day the event is scheduled to end?

"Price": You can sell the event for a cost. If a free event, set to 0.

"Tax Rate": If selling the event, you can specify if the event cost is taxed or not.

"Attendance Cap": You can limit the number of people that can pre-register for the event

"Redirect URL": Once a registrant has completed registration, you may want to link to your store app, where they can purchase apparel. You can also link to anything you want.

"Public": If toggled to 'yes', the registration link can be displayed anywhere. If toggled to 'no', only admins can register people for this event.

Submit your event request through the Miruni extension

After you have created your event page, request your event page creation through Miruni.

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