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Core | Staff Check-In Pay
Core | Staff Check-In Pay

Add additional pay to class rates - maxing out class attendance, needing incentives or giving more than a high five,

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The following steps will guide you on how to setup your pay rates for coaches to be paid based on the number of people that are checked into a class.

Pay rate - $5
Checked in members - 10
Total pay rate for the Coach - 5x10 = $50

1. Go to Dashboard | PushPress

2. Click on People

Click on People

3. Click on Staff Members

Click on Staff Members

4. Click on 3 dots

Click on 3 dots

5. Click on Edit Coach Info

Click on Edit Coach Info

6. Type Value Per Check - In

*Allows for $.01 and up.

Type Value Per Check - In

7. Click on Save Changes

*Will be reflected in Payroll.

Click on Save Changes

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