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Core | Reports - Best report for bookkeeper
Core | Reports - Best report for bookkeeper

An overview of the best reports for monthly accounting

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Most bookkeepers will simply need your transactions for the month. Head over to your Payments section and click on Transactions. The best way to understand your business revenue is to look at the month in which the service was purchased (accrual).

  • Set your report date range (you may want to include a few days before and after the month for transactions that haven't processed yet.)

  • Click on download transactions

Here's what data that report will include:

  1. Name

  2. Email

  3. Transaction date/time

  4. Receipt #

  5. Subtotal

  6. Discount

  7. Tax amount

  8. Total

  9. Payment method

  10. Item purchased

Pro Tip: Click on "sort and filter" to easily filter your report by a specific column.

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