You've created a new class or event and now want your customers to know the exact location to the beach workout or link to the virtual class. The following steps can be used to create different locations to use for classes. The following are the options you have when creating a location.

  1. Physical Location - no address or map link

  2. Physical Location - address and map link

  3. Virtual Location - no link

  4. Virtual Location - with link

Locations will be seen on the class info or event info pages. In the member app they will also be able to click on the link to open if one is included.

How to Create a new Location

To begin creating your locations visit the calendar page found under the schedule menu then click locations for the right hand side.

Now that you are on the Location page you can create a new location by clicking Green +New Location Button.

The new location module will slid out form the right and look like this.

Now you are ready to customize your location.

-Choose Physical or Virtual

-Name the location

-Choose if you want to include a link or not. (links allow you to put a zoom link in for a virtual class or link to google map location on physical locations)

-If you choose to add a link now name your link. Example for a physical address you would set name to 3500 Deer Creek Road Palo Alto, CA

-For link you would then enter the google link to that specific location on map

-Now click save to add the new location to your system

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