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Core | Customize Your URL (subdomain)
Core | Customize Your URL (subdomain)

Your URL is the link you and your staff use to log into your system.

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As part of your setup process, you should customize your system’s subdomain. 

You can customize your URL during the initial system setup by going to Setup Checklist > Create URL.

By default, your system might be set up with a random URL for example This can be difficult to remember. Customizing your URL will make it easier for you and your staff to remember where they can access your system. 

Tips for customizing your URL:

  1. Keep it simple and memorable.

  2. Use your gym name.

  3. Keep it on-brand.

  4. Keep it short. For example, if your business name is Flex and Tone Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp, you might create your URL as or Both examples still speak to your business’s brand, but keep the URL short and easy to remember. 

  5. Keep in mind that the URL you choose will be used on all product and membership landing pages so it is outward facing.

If you need to update your URL after it has already been set, please contact support

IMPORTANT: Because your URL is where all your member-facing pages and landing pages point to, if you make any change to your URL after your system is set up, make sure that all of your links are updated as well (website, email lists, ads, etc)

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