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Calendar type allows you to restrict specific class access by membership

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Before you build out your plans, it is helpful to create and define different calendar types. Calendar types allow you an extra layer of segmentation that you can use to limit member access to certain classes. Some common examples are:

  • Group Fitness Classes

  • Fundamentals Classes

  • Level 1 Yoga classes

  • Weight Classes

  • Youth Classes

  • Outdoor Classes

  • Online Classes

Once a calendar type is created, you can organize your schedule, by calendar type. Then, you can restrict access to specific calendar types when creating a plan.


  • Name: Name of the calendar type. This will be visible on the dashboard when creating new classes, as well as in the member portal, under the class details.

  • Calendar Type Description (optional): Additional information about the calendar type. This is visible in the member portal class description

  • Calendar Type Color: The color used to identify all class that are labeled under this calendar type. Visually, this makes the main calendar easier to understand at a glance

  • Free Session: If toggled ON, the class will not count against a member's limited membership plan or punchcard. (*NOTE: a member must have available classes or punches on their plan to reserve the class. Once the member checks into the free session, the class will be credit back to their membership plan. If they do not check-in, a class will be deducted from their plan)

  • Active: If toggled ON, the calendar type will be available for use when creating new classes or events. If toggled OFF, the calendar type will not be available for use.

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