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Core | Why Am I Not Receiving Deposits?
Core | Why Am I Not Receiving Deposits?

If you have not received deposits according to your regular schedule, use the steps below to get that fixed.

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If deposits are not going through, chances are something changed in Stripe and they need you to verify some information. You can check your Stripe status at any time by going to (Settings > Bank Connection)

There are a few different statuses:
โ€‹Green means all systems go. There are no issues with your Stripe account.
โ€‹Red means there is an issue with your Stripe account. Deposits will be on hold until you verify information with Stripe

If you see the status below, follow the prompt for "Resolve Now". This will log you into your Stripe account, where you'll find more information on how to correct the issue. Typically the fastest resolution is to contact Stripe from your Stripe dashboard. They are usually pretty quick with online or phone support.

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