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Grow | Advanced Feature: Linking a subdomain to your funnels & landing pagesUsing landing pages and funnels in your Grow CRM? Then you'll need to connect a subdomain to make your funnels go live!
Grow | Advanced Feature: Uploading And Using A Favicon For Your Funnel PagesWant to display an image in the search bar that represents your business? Here's how
Grow | Advanced Feature: How To Import Your Funnels from ClickFunnelsIf you've already created a funnel in ClickFunnels, you can import into the system to save time.
Grow | Advanced Feature: How To Add A Facebook Pixel To A FunnelIf you are using a Facebook Pixel to track events for your ads, you will want to add the Pixel code to your funnel and funnel steps.
Grow | Advanced Feature: Customizing Your Funnel and Website for Mobile and Desktop ViewsOne of the perks of the funnel builder is the ability to see and edit what the funnel looks like in desktop and mobile view.
Grow | Advanced Feature: Using A Time Delay In The Funnel BuilderYou may want to delay the appearance of certain elements in your funnels or website.
Grow | Advanced Feature: Understanding DomainsWhat is a domain vs subdomain you ask? When building funnels, this is important piece you need to understand.
Grow | Advanced Feature: Customize the Navigation Bar in Your Funnel's Mobile ViewYou can customize the navigation bar for your funnel's mobile view.
Grow | Advanced Feature: Split Testing in FunnelsA marketing tactic used to refine funnels by determining what messaging, design, layout, etc. gets the best conversion rate.
Grow | Advanced Feature: How To Use An Image Element In The Funnel BuilderWhen creating funnels, using images is a crucial part to make a funnel standout.
Grow | Advanced Feature: Using a Video Element In The Funnel BuilderOne of the most useful elements within the funnel builder is the Video Element.
Grow | Advanced Feature: Implementing Funnel Best PracticesCreating funnels within the Funnel Builder works best through simplicity. The simpler the funnel is set up the easier it will be for leads
Grow | Advanced Feature: How To Clone FunnelsYou may want to clone a funnel from time to time. This can be useful if you are copying information and want to create a similar funnel.
Grow | Advanced Feature: Customizing Funnel ColorsWithin the funnel builder, you can completely customize each step, including colors, fonts, and more.
Grow | Advanced Feature: Build A Funnel & Landing Page In Your CRMYou've heard of ClickFunnels and landing pages. Now, you can build and create your own funnel pages in your CRM!
Grow | Advanced Feature: Duplicating Funnel Steps Within Your SystemIf you want to convert or import a funnel page into a new funnel you are building, you can do so using the import feature.