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Core | Hybrid AF - 24 Hour Door Access
Core | Hybrid AF - 24 Hour Door Access
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24 Hour Access is available upon request and can be updated to allow on the plan level at plan creation or editing an existing plan.

  1. PushPress team will grant access for your Core account to enable this feature. Please reach out to the team via PushPress Messenger to get started.

    1. HybridAF integration is accessible exclusively to Core Pro or Core Max users. If you're utilizing Core Free and are interested in discussing upgrade possibilities, please reach out to us.

  2. Obtain a "PushPress integration token" by contacting HybridAF support at After receiving the token from HybridAF, submit it via the link provided by PushPress.

  3. Check with HybridAF support to ensure there are no changes needed to emails sent on your behalf byHybridAF. They may have automated emails triggered to go out. review those for accuracy before activation. Y

  4. Our team typically activates the integration within 1 business day after receiving your request and the integration token.

  5. Following activation, we'll confirm via email. You can then enable HybridAF access for specific plans by editing plan settings. Choose a plan, select "edit," or opt for this during the plan's initial setup. Ensure the "Does this plan give 24 Hour Access (Hybrid AF)" toggle is set to YES

5. Users on this plan will have access to this plan. Data is updated every 15 minutes to sync with Hybrid AF.

*Note: If you previously set up the HybridAF integration using Zapier, you will want to disable those Zaps to ensure the direct integration works correctly.

On the Hybrid AF Side

Frequently Asked Questions

Will users get removed once their plan expires?

  • Yes, we’ll be syncing our data with HybridAF every 15 minutes, and users will be added and removed from HybridAF based if their plan is active.

  • What plan statuses are synced?

  • Pending active will not gain access until the plan becomes active.

  • What happens if a member updates their details in HybridAF?

Which data does our system send to Hybrid AF?

  • Email, First name, Last name, Mobile Number and Status

Will waivers or plan information be synced?

  • No, Hybrid will grant or not grant information based on sync from Core. It will not know if a waiver is signed.

What happens if a user change their email in our system?

  • Let’s say John has in our system. They’ll be synced to HybridAF with that email.

  • Then John changes the email in Core to At this point we WILL NOT remove from HybridAF, but we’ll sync instead - both will exist in HybridAF at that point.

  • Note that will retain whichever status it had before the email change, and we’ll never update it again (it’s not a contact that only exists in HybridAF)

What happens if an admin adds someone manually on hybrid that is not in our system?

  • If their email doesn’t exist in our system for that client, it is ok. They will have access and live in HybridAF’s system without issues.

  • If the email DOES exists in Core, then any changes made in HybridAF’s system will be overridden by our status.

What if all access needs to be revoked from all plans?

  • Contact the PushPress team via PushPress Messenger and we will revoke access. This will revoke ALL access and remove the toggle from each plan. Admin can do this one by one at the plan level as well.

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