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Contact us | Hi πŸ‘‹ , How Can We Help?
Contact us | Hi πŸ‘‹ , How Can We Help?

Help US help YOU!

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The Customer Experience Team at PushPress wants to HELP! But first, let's see what the issue is...and get you to the right place. Our team provides severals ways to help - HELP Articles (like this one πŸ˜‰ ), PushPress Messenger ..the little blue box, email and when necessary, LIVE sessions with the PushPress Team in addition to our every-growing Facebook Community Group.


A library of HELP Docs with text and videos with exact steps to guide you. There are our hope if the HELP you are looking for is found. HELP Articles are available 24/7 so whenever you're working, you've got support.

Working Inside Your PushPress Account

Help Articles Are Part of PushPress Messenger, the little blue box, and you can search our Help Articles by using key words.

Learn more about PushPress Messenger Below.

Not in your account?

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PushPress Messenger | The Little Blue Box

PushPress Messenger, powered by Intercom, is a POWER PACKED. It houses our HELP Articles and provides us with two way communication with YOU, our favorite customers. After researching our HELP Articles, if you still need assistance, send us a message.

Pressly, our bot who is continuously training, will be the first to greet you. Pressly houses all the information you need to get most questions answered. If Pressly can't help, just ask to tag in a Human and a PushPress team members will assist as soon as we can. Our bot is a tool to get you the answers you want as quickly as possible, exactly when you ask your question.

Pop Open PushPress Messenger through this little chat button. On the other end, is a Power Packed Customer Experience Team ready to HELP.

Be ready for us! Share the details right away so we can help quickly.


  • Name of Member, Coach or admin

  • Email addresses

  • Important Dates

Example - Jessica PushPress should have been paused on XYZ date for her monthly unlimited plan. Could you update that plan for me?

Assume the questions, we will ask you :)

Within PushPress Messenger, there is also some friendly, super trained BOTS. So if you're hanging out in a section of PushPress wondering what to do next, you may find some friendly BOTS pop up to help you out. πŸ€–

Let me share a little secret. 🀫 When you email, it lands right in front our our team in intercom for a prompt response. If you prefer email, we've got your covered. So the power of Intercom works, even through email.


If you're already a part of the PushPress Community but not in our Facebook Community be sure to request to join. We are pumped to welcome new admins weekly. Come join the community to learn, contribute and connect. Join Here

If you ever unveil an outdated HELP DOC that may need some love, an upgrade or remodel, please let us know by reaching through intercom or emailing We are always growing and changing and need to keep our HELP, up to date.

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