A Voicemail Drop is utilized to accelerate the process of leaving voicemail messages. The way it works is the system will make a phone call to the selected contact, and then it will immediately drop that phone call and initiate a second phone call (which will put the 2nd call directly to voicemail) in order to leave a voicemail message.

Step 1: Create the Voicemail Recording

  • Create a voicemail recording using the program of your choice.

  • Save it is a .mp3 or .wav file

Step 2: Setting Up the Voicemail Drop

  • Open or Create New Campaign.

  • Add a new Event. Choice Voicemail

  • Add in your recording (mp3 or .wav file only).

  • Save.

NOTE: Voicemail drops work approximately 70% of the time. They are a workaround solution to expedite leaving voicemails. Phone carriers don't generally like the concept so this is a phone carrier 'trick' and a workaround.

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