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Within the Workflow builder, you have several options for getting started in creating a new Workflow. You can start from scratch with a blank slate, import steps from an existing campaign, or you may use a “Recipe” from the list of pre-made templates we’ve created for you.

The Recipes allow you to use and customize templates that already exist, which can save you time and help you work more efficiently. If you use a Recipe, you can still customize it - adding or removing features as you wish, for your specific use case.

Check out the Recipes we have available:

  • Appointment Booking: Detect intent on customer reply to send them booking link or create a manual SMS to help them make a decision

  • Appointment Confirmation + Reminder + Survey + Review Request: For each new appointment, send a confirmation, send reminders, survey the result, and if the result was positive, send a review request!

  • Appointment Confirmation + Reminder: Appointment confirmation and follow up reminder.

  • Auto Missed Call Text-Back: If you miss a call from a lead, reply to them automatically and notify the assigned user to get back ASAP.

  • Birthday Template: A workflow to do Birthday promotions

  • FB Messenger: When an inbound FB message is waiting, reply & remove pending tag or we will prompt the lead to share phone number in 30 mins.

  • Fast Five: The odds of closing a lead decrease dramatically after 5 mins. This Workflow delivers the ULTIMATE first-5-minute lead nurture!

  • GMB Business Message: Notify users & auto-respond to Google Business Messaging channel

  • List Reactivation: An incredible way to generate leads for any business with a list. Requires no ad spend and AI filters positive responses!

  • Send Review Request: This workflow sends a review request to your customers when an opportunity is marked as won (or) an appointment is marked as showed (or) a tag is added

  • Webinar Registration Confirmation & Reminders: Use this recipe to send Webinar Registration Confirmations and reminders leading up to the webinar.

To use a Recipe, simply select the one you wish to use (which will highlight it in color) and then click “+Create new workflow”.

The template will load in the Workflow builder. You can make any customizations or edits you wish to add. Click “Save” and be sure to toggle the Workflow from Draft > Published mode in order for it to function.

Make any edits or customizations, save the Workflow and switch it from Draft > Published mode, and it will start operating for you!

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