You can edit the appearance of standard fields within a specific form. Follow these steps to create your perfect form:

Step 1: Navigate to the Form Builder by clicking the "Sites" button from the menu on the left side of your screen. Then at the top of the menu, click "Form Builder"

Step 2: Click into the form you want to edit, or Create New Form.

Step 3: On the righthand side you'll see all the options for editing your form.

  • Under "Fields", you can click-and-drag standard and custom fields onto the form. After you click-and-drag, click on the specific field and the right menu will now allow you to change the field text.

  • Under "Styles" you can change the font color, background color, border and more.

  • Under "Options" you can change the form name, add Facebook Pixel information, and more.

  • Under "Miscellaneous" you can toggle on or off "Agency Branding" to show or hide your logo.

Note: you can't make permanent edits to standard fields, just form by form

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