This tutorial will show you how to create the file upload custom field, and how it can be used within both forms.

Step 1: Adding the File Upload Custom Field to Your Form

  • Navigate to the form builder.

  • You’ll see Standard Fields and Custom Fields in the menu on the right.

    • Standard Fields are commonly used, default fields in the system, such as name, email, and phone.

    • Custom Fields are those you’ve created specifically for your business needs.

  • Click Add Custom Field.

  • In the pop up window, choose File Upload from the options.

  • Fill out the popup window to customize your new custom field. Name the field, add a placeholder, choose acceptable file format(s), and toggle on/off the “allow multiple”.

  • Click save and the popup will close.

  • Click and drag the new field into the form.

  • Click Save Form.

  • Click Integrate Form.

  • Copy the link and paste it into the browser, or wherever you wish to use it.

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