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Core | Google Calendar Troubleshooting
Core | Google Calendar Troubleshooting
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If your classes or appointments are not syncing with Google, try this.

Log into Control Panel

If you need a picture for this, we have bigger issues LOL

Go to your profile by clicking on 3 dots next to your name in bottom left of any page. Then Select "My Profile"

Click 'Google Sync' button in right rail.

Click the three dots then settings and confirm that the correct calendar you're syncing to is showing up.

Close out the settings and hit the sync classes/ sync appointments buttons found under the three dots

Go over to your Google calendar and verify that the PushPress calendar is check marked. You will know which one it is by comparing the name to what you saw in Core (see image above)

Verify that sessions scheduled in Core are populating on your Google calendar (this may take up to an hour). You will notice the session is the same color as the calendar listed above. In this example, it's brown.


Typically classes and appointments you create on the PushPress Control Panel should sync instantly with your google calendar, if you don't you may need to use the method above to force the sync. This process could take up to an hour.

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