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How to Add/Edit/Publish Your Member Highlights

Updated over a week ago

In your PushPress website, you have the ability to manage your Member Highlights. Member Highlights are the testimonials you see at the bottom of your Home Page, Fundamentals Page, and the Member Highlights Page under About Us on your main menu. Member Highlights give validation just alike all online reviews do (think Yelp, Google, etc.) It gives prospective members who are going through your website to find someone they identify with ("If she can do this, I can too") or aspire to be like ("Wow, he lost 30 pounds and looks great. I want to do whatever he is doing.")

You have received the Member Highlights temporary link when your site was in draft mode and a (different) permanent link after your site goes live in your website finalization email. Be sure to keep it. 

NOTE: Do not delete a member highlight. If you do not want it to appear on your website, change the status. Click "Edit" next to Published, change the status to Draft, Click the OK button and then click the blue Update button.



Also, do not remove the member's name or delete the form. Contact us through the Support button first.

  1. Add A Members Highlight - Email, post to your gym's Facebook Private Group page, or find other ways to get the Member Highlights Form link to your members. After they fill it out (don't forget to remind them to include a 500x500px profile photo). Once they complete the form and hit "Submit", you will receive a notification by email that a Member Highlight Form has been submitted. 

  2. Edit and Publish A Member Highlight - Log into your website. This information is in your website finalization email. On the left rail, Click MEMBERS HIGHLIGHTS -> ALL MEMBER HIGHLIGHTS. Do not add a member highlight here. Always have them fill out the form using the link. Your unpublished highlight will have their Name - DRAFT. Click "Edit" under that member. You can edit here as well as add a Client Image on the right rail if they forgot to add one to their form when they filled it out. You can edit and add basic HTML code in the copy box. You can also Move to Trash (delete) and Publish the highlight on the right rail as well. But before you hit Publish...

  3. Pick a Page - click the box to the left of the Category and that member's highlight will appear at the bottom of the respective page. If you want to add a testimonial slider to a page not indicated under Testimonial Category, please feel free to Add A New Testimonial Category (use the page name) and hit the support button on the lower right corner of the page (blue circle with the chat box icon) and let us know you would like a Testimonial Slider added to your _______ page. 

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