A common question we get is "Can members check-in to class on their own phone/device".

I think its because almost every other membership management platform allows this, likely because its a fairly easy thing to implement and without thinking too much about it, it sounds like a good idea, however, its not, its really bad for the following reasons.

• Not everyone has a smartphone with them when they go to the gym (I know, hard to believe since its 2017 already!). Or their phone battery might be dead, or might be a kid without one etc. So you would still need a secondary way to check them in anyway... which leads to the next point.

• Having multi ways to Check-in creates inconsistencies in your messaging to members. If half the members use a personal device to Check-in then for the other half of members using the tablet on the front desk, they don't know they are doing this and can assume Check-in is optional. This is definitely not optional! You need to train your members on your rules/process, much easier to get a hoard of people to follow the same process than giving them options.

• On systems that allow members to check-in on their own personal device we have seen a few things here. If the system isn't smart enough to put geo-fencing on the app, they can Check-in at home and not show up. Not to mention geo-fencing is easily spoofed, like real easy! Even with geo-fencing functioning, we have seen members drive into the parking lot of the gym, check-in then then drive away! why? maybe there was a check-in promotion at the gym, or they get some incentive from insurance or work for going to the gym? not really sure, but what we are sure about is it will mess up your metrics.

• You maybe looking for this option because you fear a long line at the one tablet you have on the front desk. But no need, our Tablet Check-in app is many times faster than others, we went to great technical lengths to get someone checked in in a few seconds. The member experience with PushPress is greatly different from others. In practice for a typical class based gym like CrossFit, a single tablet on the front desk is good for about 100 - 150 membership base before you start seeing a line. Since our system is very modular, its easily scaled up by adding an additional $50 Amazon Fire tablet if the need arises, don't be suckered into a system that makes you buy another computer for this.

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