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Grow | Opportunities: Lost Reason For Opportunities
Grow | Opportunities: Lost Reason For Opportunities

Gain deeper insights into the lead process with our new feature that lets to capture the reason for lost opportunities.

Updated over a week ago

This enhancement aids in a better understanding of areas for improvement and further refining the opportunity strategy.


🌟 Here’s What’s New:

Capture Lost Reasons: Whenever an opportunity is marked as lost, your customers can now specify the reason from a drop-down list.

Two Methods to Mark as Lost:

  • Simply drag the opportunity to the "Lost" status.

  • Inside the opportunity modal, choose the status as "Lost".

Add New Lost Reasons: If the existing reasons don't match your scenario, you can effortlessly add a new one.


Improved Update Options:

  • If the user changes the status by dragging, clicking "Update" will save the opportunity as lost with the selected reason.

  • Clicking "Cancel" will mark the opportunity as lost without specifying a reason.

Visible Insights on Cards: The reasons for lost opportunities are displayed directly on the opportunity cards. Plus, for a cleaner look, you can choose to hide/show this reason using the "Additional Fields Filter".


Why Is This Beneficial?

By capturing the reason for lost opportunities, teams can:

  • Understand and analyze why certain leads didn't convert.

  • Make informed decisions to minimize future losses based on these insights.

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